america and kate going out to a nearby pizza place and squeezing into a tiny booth, holding hands under the table, and generally being totally gross girlfriends

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Ever notice in movies how people can just, like.. dive underwater and see where they’re going just fine?? Drives me crazy. I open my eyes underwater and all I see is a blurry fog and everything stings.. and if it’s not fresh water? Forget it. Movies are stupid.

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ten min doodle of the superior hawkeye

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How about a Kate Bishop Hawkeye movie starring Miranda Cosgrove? 

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    Kate didn’t really remember how she ended up in bed with America, but it wasn’t like she was complaining. What she did remember was that America had taken her out last night to some club and they danced the entire night until she was positive that her blisters had blisters.

    When she woke up in the morning it was with a pounding headache and groan before nuzzling back into America’s neck. 

    "Mm…What are you doing up so early? Eager to leave already?" America teased, opening one of her eyes before wrapping her arms around Kate’s body. 

    "Leave? Not a chance in hell, Chavez. I’m staying right here." Kate looked up at her and stole a quick kiss. "Besides, my head hurts way to much for me to even think about standing up."

    America laughed and closed her eyes again, resting her chin on the top of Kate’s head. “I warned you not to drink too much, princess.”

    Kate rolled her eyes and lifted her head up to kiss America’s jawline. “Mm…I know you did, but what’s the fun in that?” With that Kate moved so that she was laying on top of her. “Besides, I think I’m ready for round two.”

    America’s hands went to Kate’s hips and she grinned. “Me too.”

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she’s totally starstruck.

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make me choose | anonymous asked: amerikate or billyteddy?

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She-Hulk and Hawkeye: Hmph! 

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Kate doesn’t miss the other Hawkeye. At all. She just likes purple converse and H mugs a lot, ok?

(Watercolor, 24,5 x 34,5 cm)

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