Kate Bishop by Joe Quinones

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    wrasse; those lips.”

    Kate worries at her bottom lip with her teeth, watching the other woman as she pops the hood of Kate’s car, wrench in hand. Her overalls are already stained with oil and she looks deep in thought, lips parted slightly. ‘America’ is written across the chest of her overalls on the left. Kate almost snorts.

    'America' is also dressed in red, blue and white. Kate is really trying not to guffaw at the irony when she is ripped out of her reverie. America's top has ridden up, showing the smooth expanse of her stomach and the sharp lines of her hipbones. Kate blushes and quickly averts her eyes.

    They didn’t tell her that the mechanic sent to work on her broken down car would be a goddess sent down from above.

    Kate wonders if she should ask for her number.

    America pokes her tongue out a little, moving it to the corner of her mouth in concentration. She wipes at her forehead with the back of her hand, unknowingly marking her own face with oil. Dirty and sweaty isn’t a good look on everyone, but it is on her.

    Kate groans quietly to herself, trying her hardest not to imagine what those lips would feel like licking blazing trails up her stomach. And what those hands would feel like gripping her waist firmly.

    America taps on the window next to Kate, making her jump slightly. Kate opens the door as the mechanic steps back, leaning against the hood of Kate’s car.

    "Well, Miss Bishop, it seems like you have several leaks in your air conditioning system, and your fan belt could be in better shape. Your brakes are worn down to the bone, which is why you almost ended up colliding with that wall there." She gestures behind them. Kate almost flushes with mirth, and forces herself to look into the warm hazel of America’s eyes rather than the tempting curve of her lips.

    Kate runs a hand through her raven locks, and says “Uh… I-Is it all repairable?”

    America regards her with a slight smile, those damn lips never escaping Kate’s attention. They’re forming words but Kate is far too spaced out to make sense of anything that she’s saying.

    The mechanic places her hand on Kate’s wrist. “Uh, Miss? Are you alright?”

    "It’s Detective Bishop actually. And yeah, I’m fine, sorry about that. Your company has my contact details, yeah? Just call me when the repairs are done. Thanks again."

    America nods, and Kate calls Clint, her longtime partner in the homicide unit, to pick her up. She’s just ended the call when she feels a warm hand upon her wrist again.

    The mechanic. Kate spins around, brows furrowed and a question on the tip of her tongue when she is tugged against America’s lips. Kate is momentarily frozen but quickly takes control of the situation and gently kisses back. She smugly notes that she is slightly taller than the mechanic. America’s calloused fingertips trail along Kate’s jaw and tangle in her hair at the base of her neck. America licks her way into Kate’s mouth and Kate can taste cinnamon. She barely holds back a moan when America gently pulls away.

    "I prefer acting to staring, princess. Call me." She presses a wrinkled scrap of paper into Kate’s palm and walks back her tow truck, getting in and driving away, Kate’s car attached to the back.

    Kate is still slack jawed and facing the same way when Clint pulls up to the curb.

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Next prompt, requested by both ducttapefae and axonsandsynapses, is AmeriKate!

Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss

I have decided, for no particular reason, to make this one a high school AU. It is based on this pair of gifs.

America Chavez had the best math grades in the tri-state area until she started taking classes with Kate Bishop.

Now…well, they’re good, but they’d be a lot better if she spent more of her time in class focusing on learning and less of it wondering whether Kate’s panties are as expensive as her sunglasses, and if she’d maybe go for a loud jock with a reputation for getting in fights, and if her lips taste good.

Kate, for her part, is the person who now has the best math grades in the tri-state area, but only because she sits in the row in front of America, and thus can’t be distracted by the thought of her mouth.

The final part of basketball tryouts this year is a pickup game, with a mixture of new blood and old guard on each team to see how everyone meshes. America, of course, is old guard—she’s been the star of the three-point line ever since she joined the team freshman year. That means she can’t afford to let Kate distract her, no matter how cute the other girl looks in gym clothes.

They play, and America plays hard.

A little too hard, really, given that ten minutes in she lands a step wrong and her feet go out from under her and she knocks face first into someone on the other team and sends them both sprawling. Aaaaand her hands are full of boobs. Awkward.

She’s also a little dizzy. The girl underneath her says, “Are you all right?”

America is on top of Kate Bishop. They could just…start making out, if they wanted to.

She says, “Uh.”

Kate grins up at her. “Not that I mind you grabbing my chest, but normally I’d expect pizza and a movie beforehand.”

"I. Shit. Sorry." America scrambles to her feet and reaches down to help Kate up. "Here. You ok?"

"I’m fine." Kate grabs her arms and takes her time about standing, sliding her fingers up America’s biceps a little more than seems strictly necessary. "You free after this? For that pizza and a movie?"

America feels herself blushing. “Yeah. Yeah.”

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There’s my Katie-kate in proper pencil on proper paper. I feel a lot better now. But realizing I need to buy a new scanner.

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Kate Bishop for that color palette meme

I drew Inclusiveverse Kate

I can never decide how painting-like i want these things to look

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    I’m gonna combine them because I’m lazy cool. Have some really lame cheese.

    America has been talking tactics for around three minutes before she realises that Kate’s nodding has nothing to do with her listening and everything to do with the ear buds preventing her from doing so. She halts mid sentence, folding her arms and tapping a finger against her elbow before reaching forward and tugging the wire.

    Kate’s face when the ear buds fall to the floor is priceless; America’s seen kinder gazes focused on Loki.

    "Do you ever take those out?" She asks, returning Kate’s glare with a frown. "If we want to save the world we actually have to come up with a plan, princess.”

    Kate rolls her eyes at the nickname. “Relax, won’t you? It’s alright to have a little leisure time. Besides, music gets me pumped.” America raises an eyebrow. “Come on, Chavez! Even Billy dances around to his favourite song when he’s feeling depressed, and that’s something no one wants to see. I put my headphones in before a fight, I feel like I can take on the world.”

    "I already know I can." America retorts with a smirk, and Kate concedes with a shrug. Sliding over, she slips one of the buds into America’s ear before she can protest and pulls her to her feet.

    We’ve come to far to give up who we are…

    "Daft Punk?" America asks, still sceptical. Kate laughs, and the action jerks the wire slightly. America puts her hand to her ear, stabilising the bud even as Kate moves closer, wrapping an arm around America’s waist to stop any tugging as she moved to the song’s beat.

    "What? It’s a good song." Kate replies, nudging America’s hips with her own. Begrudgingly, America begins to sway, hiding her face in Kate’s shoulder when the archer gives her a smug grin.

    "You’re ridiculous." She murmurs, even as her hand moves to rest on Kate’s own.

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10 Kate Bishop Icons from Young Avengers 1 - 6. Please like or reblog if using. All 100x100.

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imagine a comic where kate bishop and america chavez travel throughout the universe as a badass crime fighting team though

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