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    They’re going to fail.

    They’re going to fail this project and fail the class, and then Kate’s going to fail at life by going to prison for murder.

    Tommy turned in his part of project days ago, and she’s spent the time since adding sources and turning his sentence fragments into meaningful language. David’s part is all thorough, well-researched, and scholarly. It’s also four pages of text that she has to condense down into three slides. Cassie’s share is perfect, but she was supposed to present and just text Kate to say she was sick and couldn’t do it. The assignment is due in two hours.

    Kate puts her head on the desk and groans. They’re going to fail.

    She looks up as America pulls up a chair next to her. “Thought we were meeting before class.”

    "We were," Kate sighs. "Cassie’s sick, David has another class, and I bet Tommy’s going to show up two minutes before class and say that counts as early."

    America makes a face. “Jerk.”

    Kate can’t really argue that point, so she puts her head back down and groans again. She doesn’t even protest when America snags her laptop and starts tapping away. Kate doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she generally trusts America to make everything better. Not that she would ever ever say that out loud. Ever.

    "Never understand why you have to use this fancy i-whatever," America grumbles. "Useless piece of hipster crap."

    "Don’t mock me when I’m about to fail. I can’t take it," Kate says without looking up, and she smiles to herself when America’s hand settles on the back of her neck, rubbing gently.

    "Relax, princess. We’ve got this."

    Yeah, Kate thinks. They probably do.

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… Not under arrest, right? Amirte?

Kate Bishop in Hawkeye vs Deadpool #1

Have I mentioned how much I love all the Kate faces in this one?

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Kate Bishop, aka. Hawkeye. I seriously love the new Hawkeye comics!

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Kate Bishop, pretty much an Avenger, at your service. 

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Songs Kate listens to while burning your house down.

Happy Birthday katiebishop, ily! ♬♪

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You know what the difference is between you and me, Barton? 

I make this look good.

Favorite female superhero in a tuxedo as requested per ununnilium

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i just imagined america wearing suspenders and kate pulling on those suspenders to get closer to america to kiss her

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"Well, sorry your halloween sucked"

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First day of Inktober, tossed some inks on an older sketch I found of Kate and America in some goofy outfits I designed. Don’t ask me what’s going on with Kate’s face cause I dunno. But inks! 

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